• Welcome

    Welcome to the NEW home of UnderNet and AboveNet's #chatzone!
    We hope you will find plenty to keep you entertained here, and that you join us soon!
    The sky is the limit in what you can do in #chatzone, so let your imagination roam free!
  • About Us

    #chatzone has undergone many transformations over the years. We originally opened on August 21, 1996 and registered with X on UnderNet on March 4th, 2001. During this time we have had plenty of people come and go, plenty of ops and plenty of owners. Each one has left their mark on the landscape that is #chatzone today. Today, through the magic of Mimic`, we are partnered with #chatzone on AboveNet as well. So as they grow, we all grow together.

    The people that you'll see here in #chatzone come from all walks of life. You'll also find people from all over the world too. Ever been curious about what's going on over on the other side of the world? We are the home for all of those who want to hang out, goof off, meet new friends, and even learn things. Come on in to #chatzone and find out!
    The sky is the limit in what you can do in #chatzone, so let your imagination roam free!

  • Rules

    Rule #1 - English only -=- Obviously this one should be self explanitory. We understand that there are people all over the world that speak all different languages, but since English is the predominant language, that's what we stick to.

    Rule #2 - No Politics -=- We know that politics of any kind is a subject that's easy to get into because it's everywhere. But at the same time, it's one that starts a lot of disagreements. Everyone has their own views on things, which of course is fine. But since the problem is that most times people don't always agree and disagree over it, for the sake of sanity it is not allowed. There are other channels for that.

    Rule #3 - No Religion -=- Rather than pretty much repeat all of the last explanation, if you have any questions about religion then see Rule #2.

    Rule #4 - No Racism -=- We like to think that we are able to joke about everything in life, and in #chatzone we usually do, but sometimes people do get offended by jokes. What is a joke to you may not be a joke to someone else. For that reason, we do not allow racism of any kind.

    Rule #5 - Keep It Respectable -=- This is just as simple as it sounds. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that even though these are our friends and we are joking around, we should still treat them the way we want them to treat us.

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    We have fun things coming soon!